Odisha or Orissa as popularly called is one of the 29 states of India, located in the eastern coast on the Bay of Bengal. It is well known for its tribal cultures and its many ancient Hindu temples. It is a destination for all offering exquisite temples and extraordinary monuments along with beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, and natural landscape. However it still remains as one of the lesser discovered tourist place.

The capital, Bhubaneswar, is home to hundreds of temples, notably the intricately-carved Mukteshvara and The Lingaraj Temple complex, dating to the 11th century, which is set around sacred Bindusagar Lake. It also boasts of The Odisha State Museum which focuses on the area’s history and environment.

Tourism in Orissa has long been famous to scholars and connoisseurs for the magnificent Sun Temple at Konark (The legendary 'Black Pagoda' of European mariners), and for the majestic temple of Lord Jagannath at Puri (renowned for the spectacular Rath Yatra chariot festival), Also known for its Orissan ikat textiles which have become famous throughout the world, and, perhaps, of the beaches at Puri and Gopalpur on sea.

In all the land of this East Indian state offers its tourists uniqueness of culture and nature, thus making Orissa a worth experience.

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