Bhutan, a country nestled in the eastern Himalayas is a purely Buddhist Kingdom. Sandwiched in the Himalayas between India, Nepal and the Tibetan region of China, it shares the world’s greatest mountains, unsurpassed scenic majesty and vibrant culture, which make it an exotic tourist destination.

It is a land of monasteries, fortresses, beautiful dzongs, temples and houses with architecture found nowhere else in the world, the Bhutanese have managed to safeguard their ancient way of life. Thimphu is the capital city & Paro which is at a 2 hours’ drive from Thimphu is the only airport in the country.  Pheuntsholing is an Indo-Bhutan border town and is one of the entry point to Bhutan by surface from India.

It is blessed with breath taking mountain views, with sunny days and chilly evenings. Bhutan is known for its handicraft items in bronze, silver & other metals. Sculpting of religious figures is widely practiced & every temple, houses have large brightly painted & gilded statues of the Buddha & other saints. The castle-like Dzongs, with their gently tapering walls classic lines, large courtyards & beautiful galleries, are among the finest examples of Bhutanese architecture.

Indian Tourist traveling to Bhutan does not require any visa. However they need a travel Permit to visit Bhutan.

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