A Continent that encompasses most of Earth's western hemisphere along with the North America and South America countries.

The U.S. as its commonly refered to is a country of 50 states of North America, with Alaska in the extreme Northwest and Hawaii extending the nation’s presence into the Pacific Ocean. The dazzling skyline of New York city with the Famous Statue of Liberty, the Hollywood in Los Angeles, the White House of the Capital city of Washington DC, the casinos and the sparkling lights & Night Life of Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon of Nevada, leaves you completely awestruck.

Not to forget the Harbour of San Francisco, Disneyland & NASA in Orlando, the existing glaciers cruises in Alaska and the splendour of Niagara. With this you can have Canada with all its natural beauty of the 'Canadian Rockies'.

The Southern America entices tourists with its beaches, ancient Indian culture and music. It also boasts of the largest Rain forest and longest river – The Amazon River- the second longest to the Nile in Africa. Other attractions are the countries of Argentina and Brazil – the land of Football and of sub – tropical jungles and steamy falls of Iguassu.  And offcourse The world biggest & electrifying Carnival is also held here in Brazil during Easter.

A continent that by far never stops to Amaze… So Let’s Journey

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